Parks to obtain solar powered mobile charging stations

Ras Laffan Industrial City's Community Outreach Program (RLIC-COP) has extended assistance to Al Shamal Municipality for setting up solar-powered charging stations for cellphones in three public parks of Al Shamal Area.The task, which likewise includes setting up of shaded areas with solar-powered lights in 2 beaches in the location, belongs to Al Shamal Municipality's environment conservation efforts and sustainability development efforts.


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Mobile phones have actually become ubiquitous in Africa. Amongst younger users, basic phones are most typical. More pupils are accessing mobile phones that can link to the internet and taking them along to school.Phones are often used in school whether they re enabled or not. It’s incredibly common for classes to be interrupted by both pupils and teachers phones.We have carried out a study of young people s mobile phone use in Ghana, Malawi and South Africa. Prior to the mobile phone arrived in Africa, couple of people had access to landlines.


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Samsung's folding phone patent is not the future we desire


There's every opportunity that mobile phones of the future will have folding screens. The tech has been under development for a very long time and we're currently seeing curved screens on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, so it looks like it will just refer time, however when it does arrive we hope it looks absolutely nothing like it carries out in this Samsung patent.Unearthed by Patently Mobile, the design reveals a phone which when unfolded looks like other Samsung handset.